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Our Approach

Adventures really are for Everyone.

This is a little blog about one of the most inspirational people I could ever hope to meet.  This lady invited me into her life and I thank God every day that she did.  She is much more than I ever deserved.


Our Story

Our Story

We have always loved to travel, we just had to work a little harder to do it.  Deborah was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at the age of two, and wound up in a wheelchair at 18.  She never let it slow her down though and in 1987 met me, Karl Krebs, at Oklahoma State University.  I had gone on family vacations my whole life and loved to see new things. Deb and I went on our first vacation together before we even got married and have been everywhere together.

Our first trip together was to the Grand Canyon and The Petrified National Forest.  We got stuck in a snowstorm on top of a mountain and had to follow a snowplow truck at 5 miles an hour to get out.  That was the way we traveled, never knowing what was going to happen, but it suited our attitudes to a T.

We spent 31 of the greatest years living life and travelling all over the United States.  We even got the chance to fly to Spain and walk the Camino De Santiago, a 500 mile pilgrimage from the Pyrenees Mountains in France to the Coast of Spain.  It took us almost 2 months but Deb always said it was the highlight of her travel career.  Thankfully we did this is 2014 while she was still in better health.

Sadly Deb lost her battle to Muscular Dystrophy on October 8th 2018 at our home in Stillwater Oklahoma.  She fought the good fight and we had adventures right up until the final months.  A trip to Las Vegas, train trip over Christmas to San Antonio for a week, and in May a long road trip through Colorado.  God Bless Babe I really miss you.

Meet the Team

These are the cast of characters in this crazy adventure.  First and foremost is my wife, Deborah Krebs, one of the bravest people you could ever meet.  She went on expeditions that would scare able bodied people and she did it while confined to a wheelchair and connected to a ventilator.  Then there is our oldest son Quinn who is fearless as well.  This guy took off after walking 560 miles across an entire country with a girl he met in her sisters car to tour France and Spain.  Next is our Tranquillo Traveler, Hayden Alan.  I love the way this guy travels, usually no guide book or map, just looks down the trail and figures this way looks good, and off he goes.



Eldest Son Traveler

The guy who will try just about anything once, twice if he likes it.


Karl and Deborah

Travel Lovers

Two people who were meant to be together like no other.  I did the physical and she took care of all the mental.  I love to travel and see new things, she loves to be with her family in whatever adventures they get into.


Hayden Krebs

Tranquillo Traveler

He doesn't like maps or guides, the adventure is about getting lost and finding something cool.