Sponsors from our 2014 Camino Adventure

Backpacks / Outdoor Gear / 2014

Osprey | The Almighty Guarantee

- Hayden

"When we first started to look around for backpacks, I had literally zero idea what I wanted. I didn't know any brands, sizes, types, nothing. I've always seen images online with people carrying gigantic backpacks, but never really put much thought into it. Then Dad told us he got a sponsor from Osprey, and I had no idea who that was; after 600 miles, now I do.

So we drove down to OKC and found a retailer called Backwoods located in Northwest Oklahoma City (as of 2023 they have permanently closed.) They had us come in and try on backpacks so we could find our correct sizes. While we were there we bought hiking shoes as well. My brother and I bought some Obōz, and our Dad got a pair of Keens. Also a big thank you to the folks there at Backwoods, they were incredibly helpful and very knowledgeable of the products they sold. 

You can find more Osprey backpacks on their website. But the Kestrel versions my Dad and I had are no longer sold as they are older models.


- Hayden

"There's really nothing much to say other than I've never loved a backpack before. Backpacks mean work. Backpacks mean going to school, getting out of bed early; lugging around 50 pounds of heavy textbooks, getting straps caught in locker doors as you shut it and then have to quickly undo the cam lock because schools think 5 minutes to switch books and binders between classes is enough time.

So yeah, I've never loved a backpack before. Then I met Osprey. This backpack made me love the outdoors. Taught me to wander, showed me there was more out there in the world than home. Mine was the 'Kestrel 48'. Treat an Osprey right, and they'll take you were you want to go; and further, and it's coming with me again this trip."


- Karl

"I had never done much backpacking before, and never anything to this extent.  This backpack held all the stuff I needed for 55 days on the trail, granted we washed clothes in the albergues every night but we still needed to carry quite a bit of items.  With all of Debs medical supplies placed in the orange bag it was very full.  That meant that I needed to put Debs clothes and toiletries along with my own into my Kestral.  Everything fit fine and the extra pockets along the outside made all the difference.  I did not have to unload every time I needed to find a item during the day.  The little belt pockets were perfect for money and phone, so they were right at my fingertips."


- Quinn

"It was a really great backpack to have. I chose the blue since it is my go-to color so I know which one's mine. I don't really know how to write product reviews, and I think Hayden and Dad wrote them better than I would have."


- Hayden

"This was Mom's main pack for containing all of her medical equipment. It was incredibly durable and can fold down super small when it needs to be packed away. A lot of times Mom and Dad would send it forward to a bar or albergue about 10 or so miles up the road to take some strain off her wheelchair batteries from lugging it all around. I highly recommend getting one if you have a lot gear you're taking on a trip as it is waterproof and tear proof."

Hard Drives / Digital Storage / 2014

Seagate | Storing the world's digital content.


- Hayden

"This awesome little device it what Seagate gave us as a response for our need of storing photos of the trip after we'd taken them on our phones since no one had a DSLR at the time. This thing is a beast. That's right I'm saying IS; we are still using it long after the trip and it works just as fast as it did before. Unfortunately Seagate no longer makes them, but they have a new line of more affordable and bigger capacity portable hard drives out now. You can find them on Amazon, and Tech breakdowns over on their website at Seagate.com.

But before you buy on Amazon, I encourage you all to support local stores such as Staples, as they are a main retailer of Seagate products, and they are always running amazing deals on the Desktop and Portable HDD's and SSD's all the time."


- Hayden

"The Seagate central was an entirely unexpected gift from Seagate. When we originally sent them a sponsor letter, we were just hoping for a portable hard drive. Then they sent us this monster in the care package too. It is a 2 TB home network basically. I have it hooked up to my wireless router and I can access the info from anywhere on the network. My computer, laptop, tablet, and phone all connect to it. I can upload and download files seamlessly; and at the same time. I still use this as well as it is an incredible piece of hardware that any designer should have in his arsenal.

Unfortunately I don't believe this model is sold anymore either, and the newer models can only be purchased online from AmazonNewEgg, or Staples. I believe you can have them shipped to the store at Staples for free., but don't quote me on that."