June 18th, Hornillos del Camino

June 18th,

Walked 21 kilometres today, started early but stopped to enjoy the sounds, smells, and sights of Spain. Got into town almost an hour after the boys. They choose an albergue in Hornillos del Camino. Nice place with a communal meal of chicken paella with vegetables, bread, vino tinto, and lemon something.

Met some Australians who are biking the way with two small children, they look to be having a great time. Several Koreans on the trail this year, apparently there was a reality show there about the Camino. Really increased the numbers.

We got in about 3:30 this afternoon, very hot. The landscape was almost like Kansas, a lot of tall grass, wheat and grains. It was so peaceful though, no other pilgrims around for miles. We like letting the crowds go through past us until out is only us for as far as you can see. Very few cars and a country road, takes me back to when I was young. Walking from Red’s grocery in Fay Oklahoma to Steve Sissons house after school. Back to a quieter time with no responsibilities.

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