June 3, 2014 Huarte

June 3

We followed the lady into Huarte and found a cantina we could get into, it was run by a Vietnamese man who went to the back room when we asked if we could charge and came out with an extension cord to reach the plug behind the bar for us.  The people here are so helpful.  We ordered Hay Fritos w/ jamon y queso.  We had no idea what it was other than ham and cheese.  It turned out to be a little fried ham and cheese like pizza pocket only 10 times better.


After we charged we followed the Camino, remember we are off the road finally, all the way to Pamplona.  It was a perfect walk even though we got lost once and I had to ask a florist lady who spoke no English how to get back.  We struggled for a while before a young guy walking by the shop saw us in the window, came in and spoke both languages for us.TCP.


We got to the city center over the Puente Magdalena (the Magdalene Bridge) and went through the city walls at the French Gate, following the signs to the Jesus y Maria alburgue.  The ones before were full but there was still room at this one.  4 stairs and a board to go over but there were pilgrims everywhere, I really wanted to stay here.  The 1st floor was totally full however and there was nowhere else in the center that could take Deb, so the hospitelero called us a cab to take us to the hotel that German had set up for us on the other side of the city.  Pamplona has 170,000 people and is the most populous city on the Camino.  Turns out it is a very nice hotel, Deb loves it.


We got settled in and went to get something for her to eat.  We found a cantina she could get in and got a jamon y queso bocadilla and water for me 2,50€.  After I ate that, Deb is not big on sandwiches, we walked a little bit and found a Chinese restaurant called Wok to Work.  It was very good but 9.50€.  When we were leaving a group of college girls came in and two of them were speaking English, we said goodbye to them and they quickly asked if we were Americans.  We talked for a little while and they were from Ohio and Indiana here going to University.  They said they were going to walk part of the Camino and were very impressed with Deb doing the whole thing.


On the way back, after taking pictures of a Dominos pizza and a Kentucky Fried Chicken place, Deb says how about that, See two girls from America in a Chinese restaurant in Spain.


Going to bed now it is almost 12:00, we may stay here one more night.  We need some bolts for the chair, a road map, and a guide for bicycles, that may take a whole day and I want to see the Cathedral and city center also.


Peace Out.

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