April 16th, 2019

There were a few times we tried to go to the handicap cabin at Greenleaf and just couldn’t get a reservation. This was one of the only disabled cabins at a State Park in the entire country at the time. It was a blessing that it just happened to be where D could enjoy it often. We led such a charmed life, the only handicap cabin, the best MDA clinic in America, several of the best medical specialists for Debs disease all within our little state. You can’t tell me God wasn’t watching out for my wife.

Anyway, you had to fill out a reservation paper to get into the cabin a year in advance. For the type of planners we were, that didn’t always work out. We would call down and hope for a cancellation, that didn’t happen often. If you were in a wheelchair the cabin was only $60.00 a night, with your own boat and fishing dock, it booked fast. Larry is a big-time fisherman so he loved the place, I’ve seen several pictures of them on the dock reeling them in.

Hayden was the fisherman in our family and we brought poles a couple of times. We usually went in the winter though because Deb loved the idea of being in a cabin in front of the fireplace while snow was on the ground outside. This still worked for Hayden though because of the enclosed fish place. If you drove down into the bigger part of the park, where the other cabins were, there was a huge floating dock that was totally enclosed. It was square with a guard rail around a large square hole in the floor. Like a giant ice fishing shack, Sam knows about those from what we hear. There was a big gas heater in the ceiling so Deb, the boys and I would go in for about an hour while Hayden fished. It was a lot of fun for him and Deb got to spend time with him doing something he enjoyed.

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