May 21, 2019

The flights were uneventful…at first.  Quinn’s girlfriend Maggie took us to the Oklahoma City airport, there were tornadoes at the Tulsa one so I’m kinda glad we went to OKC.  She took us to a Chinese restaurant before we left and ordered authentic food for us.  Even with the vegetables it was very good.  I even ate 3 or 4 lettuce wrapped chicken things, that was more lettuce than I have eaten in months maybe years.

My fortune cookie, “You desire to discover new frontiers, It’s time to travel.”

We arrived at the airport and Maggie dropped us at the terminal, we said our goodbyes and she headed out.  We are so going to miss her, she brings some femininity back into our lives.  Quinn is happy that he can call her whenever he wants but he is having a rough time of this.  She is so good for him and he for her.  He has matured so much these last many months.

We got to see Randy Schultz, my friend from the post office, he works at the airport now.  He showed us where to go and helped us to the plane.  Takeoff was fine and we were in Houston in about an hour.  We didn’t get to see much of the Houston airport before our next flight.

Left Houston about 8:00 and got to Charlotte about 11:00, Cathy was waiting across the street, all we had to do was grab our checked bags and get in the car.  Ours were apparently the last to come off the plane.  Not much that is more depressing than watching H & Qs backpacks come down the rollers and then….nothing.  Waited about ten more minutes….nothing.  After 10 more some started down… but they were from another flight.

Talked to a United Agent, bag didn’t make the plane in Houston.  It’s late and Cathy has work in the morning, go to her house to get some sleep. I’ll call in the morning.  That’s a problem for future Karl.

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