May 22, 2019

Called United all day, always the same update, “Specialists are searching for the bag, will be delivered when it is found”.  Getting a little worried, we fly to NYC early in the morning.  Finally Hayden tracks down a secret phone number for United, I’m telling you the boy is a hacker.  You need to get in touch with Trump, he can probably get you his home phone number.  Call the number and am actually speaking to a real live person, go through three offices but am finally speaking to a guy in India I believe.  Tracks the number I give him.  Punches it in, “bags been at the airport since 2:00, didn’t call me, deliver it, or even schedule it to be delivered like they said.  Hold it there, we’ll come get it, don’t schedule it to go anywhere.”

Khrystal, Bry and Doug show up for dinner at Vappiano’s, looks as if the bag is once again a problem for future Karl.  Dinner was great, Italian food within walking distance of the apartment, I really love uptown Charlotte.  Can’t afford to live there as a mailman, but I love the atmosphere, the vibe, the people.  Not near enough time to talk though.  K is a excellent listener and has helped me through some rough patches in my life, we’ll talk soon.  Present Karl has to go get his bag, everyone wants me to wear deodorant and clean clothes for some reason.  Thanks Ian for taking me to the airport and missing dessert.  Talking with him on the way, I am impressed with that guy, knows what he wants and where he’s going at like 22.  I’m hoping I figure mine out within the next few years.

They told me to be sure and bring both claim tickets and ID to be able to claim my backpack.  Here’s the conversation:

Me walking into the office seeing pack, “Oh that makes me feel so much better”

Agent: “I see them all day long, they never make me feel better”

Me laughing:  ” yeah but you haven’t been wearing the same clothes for two days though”

Agent: “true that, what’s your last name?”

Me: “Krebs”

Agent, glancing at bag: “Krebs, here ya go”

I walk out, no claim ticket, no ID, no nothing,  Present Karl didn’t screw future Karl this time at all.

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