May 23, 2019

Left the airbnb at 5:40 to meet Cathy and Ian at the apartment.  Ian drove us all to the airport, I am so glad C is with us.  It is so much easier with someone who knows what they’re doing.

When Deb flew with us we always had it easy.  Even with taking extra stuff, medical supplies, spare ventilator and the like, we were always well taken care of.  Personal valet would come out and greet us, take us through the back, skipping lines, loading the wheelchair, talking with all the workers.  Deb was so kind to them too, that they always went above and beyond to help her any way they could.  I have never understood how some people think they can argue or be rude with the workers, how is that going to help at all, yet we would see it quite a bit at the airport.

Cathy took us to the Admirals Lounge, never been into a lounge before, it was amazing.  So much quieter than in the waiting area.  D would have loved it.  Sometimes it gets me down, her not being able to share these new firsts with me, like the last thirty years of firsts.  Cathy nailed it when she said how much she really enjoyed taking new people around NYC.  She said she loved to see the look on someone’s face when they saw something New York that just blew them away. I felt like that when I could show Deb something new or bring her somewhere new and exciting that she had never been before.

Went through security and for the third time got the pat down that the boys didn’t.  Well Hayden did once.  At least I didn’t get to mark of the full body cavity search from my bucket list.  Plus I still haven’t been mugged in New York, those are two I don’t mind waiting on until future Karl needs them.  They sent mine and Quinn’s bags aside for “special inspection”.  I’m freaking out because I remember that Hayden had a knife in his checked bag last time and I hadn’t seen it that morning.  I figure he dropped it in mine just to see what would happen.  You can’t trust those two  not to do something just to see what would happen.  That’s why I’m never going to North Korea with them.

I come out clean, then they see Debs urn and start pulling swabs and chemicals out to check for explosives.  They do a lot of tests but still clean.  Search my bag, get through, head for the plane.  Quinn left a tablet in his bag so they checked his too.  We got really good seats and I sat next to a lady who graduated from OU.  She was flying to New York to see her cousin graduate at Carnegie Hall.

Arrive in La Guardia airport and Cathy was right, there are a few people.  Not a few, a ton, they are everywhere.  She gets us to the bus, then to the subway.  We buy some unlimited passes for the week, then get on the train.I love riding them.

Deb got to mark off subway travel off her bucket list several years ago.  We took a vacation to Washington D.C. and rode them there.  They were a little nicer than NYC but New York has a more eclectic group of people riding them.



time will fly by and you will look up to find me standing before you. the journey you’re on will test you in many ways; some expected, some not so. writing about it can sow how far you’ve come and what was learned. I encourage you to use this pen and think of me.

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