June 10th 2014 Logrono to Navarette

June 10th

This is one of those towns that seem to go on forever.  We seemed to walk 

for miles just to get out of Logrono but it was a beautiful walk, through parks, along streets and over bridges.  Deb seemed to enjoy this one more than usual nice and smooth.  In between the towns we walked along the highway with a fence that hundreds of pilgrims had woven crosses made of sticks through.

We met a young German guy name Tim Mobius.  His feet were pretty blistered and was having a rough time.  He has a blog also named tm-jakobsweg.blogspot.com  We got to read it after we got back, there were a few times we got mentioned.  It is a good feeling for me to see my wife on someone elses blog.  They were pretty impressed by her.

When we got closer to Navarette, there were a bunch of Spanish guys fishing in a lake we went by.  They clapped for Deb as we went by and were saying Brava, brava.  It was really cool. people love her.

We got a hotel just across the street from a beautiful old church.  We couldn’t get into the alburgue here so we got a second floor room, there was an elevator though.  We washed clothes and hung them on the railing outside our window.  We went out to eat with Amy Nelson and Lisa Barker we had a delicious meal, and a fun time had by all. Our waiter was hilarious and posed with everyone for pictures.  We went to sleep with the light from the church shining into the room, It was for this that I’ve come.


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