June 11th Navarette to Najerra

June 11th

We were walking to Najera and were out in the middle of nowhere when we here someone yelling to us from atop the hill.  We look back and there is a guy pushing another guy in a wheelchair down the road behind us.  It was two guys from Idaho who were walking the Way while pushing Justin.  The pushers name was Patrick and they had a film crew with them.  They stopped us and interviewed us for a little while before they walked on.  They stopped in Najerra and were there when we got there.

They invited us to eat with them out in a outside cafe.  We had paella, the first time for me, Deb had had it before.  We talked for a couple of hours and they are really cool guys.  They are filming a documentary about their walk.  It is called “I’ll push you”  edit they have a book and a movie out with the same name.  We are in the book but ended up on the cutting room floor for the movie.

We stayed at the public alburgue this time which I really enjoy and met Shaila Sirenetta Monica Linda, she was relly nice.


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