June 14th, Villafranca

June 14th,

Sleeping on a top bunk in the albergue San anton Abad. We are in villafranca, Spain. I love this trip and it is very therapeutic. I believe I can figure some things out if I walk far enough.I have not been able to post to the website as the WiFi is not strong enough here. The leg is much better, Quinn’s knee is sore, Hayden has a shin splints, Bailey has a struggling ankle,. The two that are in the best shape now are the two oldest.

Leslie and I are in our fifties, we walk slower but neither of us are in the pain they are. Wisdom and years trumps young and quick once again. We will probably take a rest day in burgos to let everyone head.

We have met many pilgrims, made many new friends, drank many sangria’s and tried many new wines. I do not care for wine. I’ve found maybe two I even can tolerate. I must be too young for it.

Will try to post more tomorrow

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