June 8th, Vianna

June 8th,


Sleeping in a hostel room full of pilgrims in Vianna Spain some I’ve known for a week, some I’ve known for forty minutes. Were all in this together. Some feet are sore, some backs hurt, but minds are clear, most hearts are full. This was a good day, we have a mix of characters in this play. Polish, American, Slovenian, British, Canadian, South African, Spanish, and Italians.

Carried my pack for the first full day yesterday, muscle is doing better, stride getting longer, backĀ getting stronger. This Camino is the same but different. I am seeing different paths but staying in some of the same hostels. Stayed in one a few days ago that the last who was working had heard our story. She got excited, called her boss and she came down. She was the last who let us stay in the bar as there was no hostel for us. She cried and hugged my neck, was so glad Deb had made it to Santiago.

The way the people are here makes me happy, they are so passionate and feeling. I feel comfortable here. Will try to post on the website next time I get WiFi.

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