June 6th 2014 Lorca

June 6th

We really liked the town of Lorca, even if the alburgues were all pretty much up a set of stairs, the hopitaleiros were very accommodating.  Deb enjoyed all the flowers that seemed to be growing well in the town and I got some pictures of her in front of the old buildings.

This is also the town where we met the German policeman who carried a Hookah kit with him on the entire camino.

We were walking down a street in the middle of town when we heard a older lady calling to the “Americanos”.  We stopped as three little elderly ladies came out and started talking with us.  We couldn’t understand everything but they seemed very impressed with Deb as everyone is.  Seems two were sisters and the other was their mother if I understood them correctly.  We had a little communication barrier but Grandmas are Grandmas in whatever language you speak.  They were so sweet and wanted us to take their picture. As we left they called Buen Camino. 

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