June 7th Lorca to Estella

June 7th

This morning when we woke it was slightly cold but not bad, we could not find an alburgue last night that was accessible so a couple who owned a bar with an alburgue upstairs offered us their bar for the night. That’s what I love about the Camino, God will provide.  They brought a mattress down from the upstairs and set us up in the back of the cafe part.  They left us with a key in case we needed to get out and said they would see us in the morning.  Everyone watches out for the pilgrims.

The owner got here at 8:30 we were almost ready, Deb bought a large shell for 2 Euro.  While we were preparing to leave a French man named Bernard came in and when he heard about us he asked if he could get a picture.

We walked to Villatuerta on the bike road 1110.  When we got there we stopped for breakfast and to charge the chair.  Fresh croissant and pastry of the lady behind the counters choosing.  Oj and Coala Coa 5 Euro.  They drink very high quality things here but not very much of it.  I am used to drinking about 64 oz with a meal, here it is like 6-8, so much of their stuff is in glass bottles I like that.  The stuff seems much colder.

It is already hot. We will stop at the church, then on the Camino to Estella, several pilgrims have walked by already.

While we were walking on the Camino, were able to get off the road which I like, we were moving right along.  The path curved over by a road where an elderly man was walking with a stick.  He called to us and was very adamant about us taking the road not the path.  We had been having a good time on the path and didn’t want to switch over but he kept insisting.  Deb finally said ok God must be telling us something.  The path paralleled the road for a a ways and we could see it didn’t look to bad.  After several hundred yards there was a fairly steep descent that would have been rough but we could have made it.  So that must be it babe, he was worried about that hill.  Not even close.  Around the next bend there was some stone steps leading back up the next hill on the path.  There would have been no way to get up those and no way back up the first descent, we would have been stuck out there until rescue workers came.  Thank God for the man walking the road.  The really cool part was that the path only intersected with the road at that one spot where he just happened to be.  No one can tell me that God wasn’t watching out for us. 

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