May 22-24, 2014

We spent two days with Deb’s family in North and South Carolina before we had to head to Newark.  I had heard lots of things about Newark, not all of them bad, but it was a little scary for a bunch of kids from Stillwater Ok.  It really wasn’t bad at all but that’s the way it usually was when we traveled with Deb.  People just seemed to be nicer to us.

This was some of Debs favorite times, just chilling with her family.  Thank you Sam and Delores, Sam and Cathy, and Ben and Khrystal for putting us up and helping us get onto our greatest adventure to date.  You guys are awesome.  I know it was hard for you Sam and Delores to let me take your daughter on a seemingly impossible trip across an entire country so thank you for the trust.  Just know that it was her idea too.  I could have never done it without her spirit of adventure.  You guys sure did a good job with that one.

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