May 25, 2014

May 25th 2014 Day 5

Woke up today with plenty of time to get to the airport from the hotel. We still needed to get gas and find the airport. They said the hotel was at the airport but it took us over 30 minutes to find it last night so we weren’t taking any chances. Ate a good breakfast and took all of our bags out to the rental. Each night when we repack we pare down the stuff we are taking. I understand we need more than other people for Deb but I don’t think we can carry all this for 500 miles. Anyway we are loading the van when Deb says “I think we might have a problem” . The van has a flat tire, Sunday, Memorial Day weekend, Newark. awesome. Can’t find the spare tire, call Enterprise, tire is underneath center of van, you have to jack it up to get it out. We do and Quinn gets under but the release mechanism is broken. Call Enterprise, tell them we have a flight, they say leave keys at front desk and get out of the country. Shuttle is borrowed from another Marriot that is accessible, we are the only passengers. Guy takes us straight to the gate, what started out as stressful and bad turns out to be exactly what needed to happen. Our Camino started early, every person you meet, every experience you have is for a reason.
Meal on the plane was very good, I don’t have other flight meals to compare it to but we really liked it. Stewerdesses were very nice and attentive, we really like United and the boys thought two of them were very cute. Peace out, talk to you tomorrow.


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