May 29th 2019, Ibis Hotel, Bayonne France

Almost made it to the Camino.  The train got in before dark and we had found a hotel with 24 hour front desk, most closed at 21:00, our train came in at 21:45.  56 Euro for the three of us, Hayden got the top bunk.  Thirty minute walk from the station, no worries, we’ve done that lots of times and will do more every day no problem.  Small problem, no service here so we downloaded the map before we left the WiFi of the train.

Quinn takes us down by the river where we lose part of the map on the phone, but we can see where we need to be, through an industrial park and across a highway.  No problem.  We get to the highway, hotel right across.  Break in the traffic, start across, sometimes I think I forget the boys are in their 20’s, I am not.  A car comes around the bend fast, they seem quicker here, he is really moving.  Now I can walk all day long, I don’t run across a street, but I ran-I ran with a full pack.  Car didn’t get me but I heard and felt a snap in my leg.  You are kidding me.  Limped to the room, calf already swollen.  Thinking I may be done before I even got started.  But five years ago we thought the same thing.  Debs chair went down the first two days out, we pushed it for miles but continued on.  So maybe this is her reminding me that we can do this just need a little excitement at the first.

Get to the room, think maybe it will be better in the morning.  Hayden gets me some ice, rest, ice, compression and elevate, it’s like we’ve injured ourselves before.  Head to bed, first train in at 7:45 we’ll never make that but the ticket guy said we could use them for a later train, next one is at 11:00.

Wake up in the morning I can’t walk.  The boys leave me here, get us another night at the hotel and go to the station. We should have had to buy new tickets since it’s another day, but they used that Krebs’ charm and changed them to Thursday at 10:45, one more chance.  Waited until the pharmacy opened and got the closest thing to an ACE bandage they had.  Anti inflammatory pills the size of a quarter, but man did they work.  We all took one for good measure.  I sure missed Debbi, Lance and Kaci, they would have known exactly what to do.

I haven’t left the room in over 24 hours but I can move around now, I think I’m going to be okay.  Swelling is down and I googled how to fix a pulled/torn calf muscle.  We built a cabin off of Youtube, we can fix a muscle.  H went back to the pharmacy today to get ISO tape.  We got this, I don’t have to walk for another fifteen hours.

I am so thankful the boys are here, but Deb was the one that always took care of this stuff.  She always seemed to know what to do in any situation.  I had a dream of her last night, the first one since she left.  All I had to do was leave the country, walk for miles and jack up my leg.  Maybe this trip will be good for us after all.

A post popped up on Facebook from five years ago, we were in the same place, the border of Spain and France.  It’s like we are back together doing the same thing.


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