May 30th 2019, St. Jean Pied de Porte, France

The leg felt a little better this morning, until we started walking to the station, about a mile and a half from the hotel.  I was slow and Quinn was in a hurry so he carried both bags.  With the computer mine weighs about 27 pounds.  They recommend not carrying more than 20% of your weight so I’m well under that.  Still felt heavy to me though.

We caught the train with plenty of time to spare and arrived in St. Jean at about 13:00.  Walked another km to the Pilgrims office to get our credentials, then to the Municipal Albergue.  10 Euro for the night with a free breakfast of bread butter and jam.

The last time we were here Deb couldn’t get on the train in Bayonne so we wound up taking a taxi for about 80 Euro, this was so much cheaper.  Last time the Municipal was completo (full) and we had to walk about a mile to find lodging.  We like staying in the Municipals though, that’s where you meet all the pilgrims.

I have already noticed it is a little harder to meet people without D though.  People were just drawn to her, or maybe it was just my charm, but it was easy then.  I find I have to instigate the conversation now, and I am a little rusty.  I am already getting better at it though.

I am sending my muchilla (backpack) ahead tomorrow with a service to Roncasvalles, to try to give the leg a little break for one more day.  It won’t be easy but it will be easier.  It is still about 20 miles uphill.  The boys will carry theirs they said, I doubt I would make the whole way with mine.  When D and I did this 5 years ago we took the pass instead of the mountain, still steep but not as.  Quinn said there would have been no way we could have made it.  Too rough, too steep, too muddy, so I’m glad we went to Valcarlos then.  We still had to push the chair several miles but not through mud.

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