May 31st 2019, Roncasvalles.

We are staying in the Albergue in Roncasvalles, this is one of the nicest ones we will stay in on the Camino.  While we were walking today, I was worried that it would be harder to meet people this time without Deb.  I should not have worried, although it was easier when people came up to us to see what the crazy Americanos were doing on the Camino in a wheelchair, we still met so many people. 

We met Stephano, the Taiwanese Australian with the Italian name, we ate dinner with him and Marcello, the Italian who got robbed two days ago in Spain.  They stole his backpack with all his clothes, phone, passport and money.  He did get his wallet back with his ID, this was before he started the Camino, so he is attempting it on faith.

We walked quite a way with Bailey, a teacher from my hometown of Mesa, Arizona.  She is so sweet, she had an extra hiking pole, saw I was having trouble on some of the hills with my leg and insisted I use it as long as I need it.  She walked with the boys for most of this leg and is staying in the same albergue.

I walked with Rob, the Irish German, for most of the way, we were two of the later ones to the Alberge.  We both were walking quite slowly.  We also met the Australians, Tim and Jeanette, they have been so concerned about me, she says she is a mother and I need to take care of my leg.

I really like talking to the vegetarian from South Africa, Leslie, she is very friendly and knowledgeable about all kinds of things, she is walking with Katya from Slovenia.

We walked for a while with the Czechoslovakian couple who are pushing there one year old in a chariot while their four-year-old walks with them.

It was very nice walking and talking with all the different Nationalities, it kept me from doing much thinking, I don’t think that I am ready for thinking yet.  Give me a day or two to get my walking legs, then I will figure out the hard answers.  Am I asking too much of the Camino that it will solve all my problems?  I don’t think so. When you walk for as long as we will, your mind will figure these things out.  At least I hope so. 

I felt as if Deb was with us today, there were so many things that she would have enjoyed, so many things she would have liked to have seen.  She so loved the views last time from the mountains.  We walked to Valcarlos for the first night when it was just her and I, then on to Roncesvalles on the second.  This time I followed the boys over the Pyrenees all in one day.  It was too much.  I should have rested to muscle more or taken more time.  Twenty-four kilometers is too far on a bum leg in one day.  They are planning to go to Larrasoana tomorrow.  At least it is an easier twenty-seven kilometers, are you kidding me twenty-seven.  Twenty-four almost killed me.  I will try to get them to stop in Viscaret.  We are not in any hurry.  I don’t want to rush the trip. It is supposed to be a memorable trip, not a quick one.  We will see what tomorrow brings.

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