May 30th 2014

May 30th

Okay lets give this another shot, this day has got to work.  We started off early so we would have plenty of time to get to Roncasvalles, this is where the boys stayed last night while we were in Valcarlos.  We sent our bag ahead for 5 euros, this should give us an extra couple of kms.  We had made it a little less than half way up the mountain when the chair started blinking again.  This time we were more on a road not a little path so there were a lot more cars coming and going.  it also made me a little more nervous to just leave our packs on the side of the road.  So we stashed them in the woods and started pushing again, little steeper but by now we are pros.

We had gone maybe two kilometers when a police officer stopped to check on us.  He didn’t think we would ever make it so he made a call and within about ten minutes a guy he knew showed up with a pickup and gave us a ride to Roncasvalles.  We had called Hayden and Quinn about the problems we were having, Quinn was already quite a ways ahead but Hayden walked back up the mountain to help us at Roncasvalles, that’s a good son. 

When we finally got there and got unloaded i was panicking, if the first two days were that hard how would we make 50.  I didn’t let Deb see, because I did not want to worry her, but I was on the phone looking for a flight home.  I was pretty sure I had made a horrible mistake and was going to get us all killed on the mountain.  Several people were there we were talking to and the hospiteleros said that we were over the worst of the mountains, the next few days would be downhill.  So we decided to stick it out.  We prayed about it and it turned out to be the proper decision.

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