May 31st 2014

May 31st

We decided, or maybe Deb decided, we should continue on.  Man she is braver than I am.  We left early that next morning headed to Viscarett.  Stopped for the classic picture by the Camino sign showing we still had 790 Kilometers to the finish line.  About 2 km down the road, we were on 135 highway we came across a Guardia Civil, which is the equivalent to one of our sheriff offices I believe.  Who should come out to send us on our way, but the policeman who helped us yesterday get up to Roncasvalles.  We took some pictures and they wished us a Buen Camino and probably went back into the station thinking “Those Crazy Americanos”  Not the first and definitely not the last time someone probably thought that after meeting Deb and I.  But they didn’t know my wife, when she put her mind to something might as well accept that its happening.  So we went for a little walk down the road but quickly learned to stop for a breakfast after a couple of hours of walking to eat a chocolate croissant, get a cup of either cafe con leche or Debs favorite, hot chocolate, and charge her chair for a couple of hours.  That took a lot longer time but we could go further each day.  Another added benefit was we got to talk to way more pilgrims that way.  I really enjoyed that, Deb always said I never met a stranger.

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